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Are pre-printed form contracts holding you back from closing deals? How much are DIY contracts affecting your bottom line? Drafting the right contract for a deal is difficult. Let Zimmer & Rens LLC customize your contracts to suit each transaction so  can focus on finding deals and growing your portfolio. Contract with confidence. Contact Zimmer & Rens LLC now.

Business Entities

Unsure how many LLCs you should create for your real estate busines ventures? Having trouble deciding if a land trust is right for you? Want to collaborate with other investors do not know where to start? Zimmer & Rens LLC will help you understand the risks of real estate investing and create a business structure to help minimize your risk exposure. Have confidence knowing your personal and business are protected. Call Zimmer & Rens LLC today for a free initial consultation.

Dispute Resolution

Concerned about getting sued? Determined to get what is fair? Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, legal disputes are an unpleasant experience. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, it's important to understand your options and have an experienced and confident litigator on your side.  Don’t let your dispute spin out of control. Contact Zimmer & Rens LLC for your free initial consultation.

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