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Sale of Business

Articles of Organization


Operating Agreement or Bylaws
Employee Identification Number (EIN)
Articles of Organization or Incorporation


How can Zimmer & Rens LLC help you form your business?

Zimmer & Rens LLC offers a free one-hour initial consultation to discuss the aspirations of your new
business and how you can effectively achieve these by your beginning with how your business is
structure. To set up your new business for success, Zimmer & Rens LLC offers the following services for
business formation:

- Articles of Organization or Incorporation. The Articles are the formal document that gets filed
with the state’s government that the business conducts business under to acknowledge the
business’ validity. The type of Articles filed with your state depends on the type of entity you
decide to run your business as;

- Employee Identification Number (EIN). Next, we will obtain an EIN for your business through
the IRS. An EIN will allow you to open a bank account for the business as soon as business the
same day it’s formed. It’s crucial to keep your personal finances and business finances
separately. Moreover, if you are handling the finances of more than one business, it’s important
to keep a bank account for each business entity; and

- Operating Agreement or Bylaws. An operating agreement or bylaws will be the document your
business regularly consults to determine the level and allocation of authority for different tasks
exercised on behalf of the business entity, including the day-to-day activities of the business. It’s
important to discuss and establish who will take on which role to mitigate any confusion or
disputes that may arise in the future.

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